Aneurysms – A Condition of Weakened or Ruptured Arteries


 aneurysms Image:

Dr. Mitar Vranic heads Western Vascular Institute and provides patients with experienced care for a wide range of vascular issues, from strokes to end-stage renal disease. Dr. Mitar Vranic also provides surgical treatment for aneurysms, which can occur in any area of the body containing blood vessels.

Partially due to a weakening of the artery wall, aneurysms are particularly likely to develop in areas of strong pressure, such as where blood vessels split off to various parts of the body. The vessel balloons-out or widens abnormally and threatens to rupture. The potential for aneurysms reflects a person’s family history, risk-factor behavior such as smoking, as well as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

Aneurysms occurring deep within the body may not be diagnosed. Those nearer to the skin surface can be painful and involve visible throbbing and swelling and are more recognizable. One alternative to traditional open surgery involves repairing the aneurysm through an endovascular stent graft repair. In this minimally invasive procedure, a catheter is used to place stents that help strengthen and repair the affected artery. In cases of ballooning, a coiling procedure may be employed as a way of closing off the affected area.



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